Questions About The Autism Mastery Course:

  • q-iconWhat is the Autism Mastery Course?

    Autism Mastery Course is a foundational course providing detailed information about the common and often complex health problems seen with individuals with autism-spectrum disorders. These issues are well recognized as co-morbid conditions, many of them acknowledged from the Centers for Disease Control, and rooted in clinical medicine. Dr. Woeller spends a significant amount of time educating participants on these health issues with practical and often overlooked treatments. This course by Dr. Woeller is both clinically relevant for any health practitioner and practical with respects to practice system implementation. Dr. Woeller has taken his 20 plus years in medical practice as an integrative medicine and autism biomedical specialist and infused his expertise into the educational course material, using functional diagnostic testing and cutting edge therapies which have helped thousands of individuals on the autism-spectrum.

  • q-iconWhat are Dr. Woeller’s 4 Pillars for ASD intervention?

    Dr. Woeller’s 4 Pillars for Autism-Spectrum Disorder intervention are the cornerstone of addressing the co-morbid conditions seen in this population of individuals. The 4 Pillars are: 1) Addressing Digestive Health, including chronic bacteria, yeast, and other toxins; 2) Foundational and Targeted Nutritional Supplementation; 3) Dietary Intervention; 4) Methylation Biochemistry Support. Skipping these foundational steps will get you nowhere and only lead to frustration for the health practitioner, patient, and parent. Having a solid foundation of the 4 pillars will address 80 to 85% or more of individuals on the autism-spectrum disorder co-morbid problems.

  • q-iconWhat Are The Common Co-Morbid Conditions That Are Addressed in The Mastery Course?

    There are many co-morbid conditions seen in ASD that are often ignored by traditional medicine practitioners, but critically important to be addressed for successful intervention of this special needs population. In brief, the common co-morbid conditions discussed in this course are food sensitivities, digestive problems, including chronic yeast and clostridia bacteria, sleep issues, allergies, oxalate problems, methylation imbalances, anxiety, aggression, and self-injurious behavior, and many more.

  • q-iconHow is This Mastery Course Different From Other Training Programs?

    The truth is, there is not another course like Dr. Woeller’s. To date, no one else is providing so much practical information, in this format, for health care practitioners (and parents) in the application of integrative medicine for individuals with an autism-spectrum disorder. There are various medical conferences that people can attend, but nothing as comprehensive as this course. Also, this course is accessible to anyone in the world with a computer and internet access.

  • q-iconWhat Are The Main Points of Emphasis Covered in This Course?

    The main points of emphasis are Dr. Woeller’s 4 Pillars to ASD – digestive health and chronic intestinal pathogens, nutritional supplementation, dietary intervention, and methylation support.

  • q-iconWill This Course Cover EVERYTHING About ASD Treatment?

    This course is focused on Dr. Woeller’s 4 Pillar approach to ASD. With this information, practitioners (and parents) will be able to help their patients, clients or child, respectively with significant interventions shown already to have helped thousands of individuals on the autism-spectrum. No course, conference, or seminar can cover everything, but this course will provide you with a solid foundation in integrative medicine for ASD.

  • q-iconIs Autism (ASD) Curable?

    There is no known “cure” for autism. However, there are many individuals with an autism-spectrum disorder diagnosis (or similar conditions without an official diagnosis) that have recovered, aka “lost their diagnosis” via integrative medicine. This course by Dr. Woeller will be addressing many of these core integrative medicine interventions.

  • q-iconDoes Dr. Woeller Provide Prescriptions For Non-Prescribing Practitioner’s Patients or Clients Through This Course?

    No. Dr. Woeller, as with any doctor, cannot write prescriptions for a patient he hasn’t seen in person. There are no prescriptions offered through this course. However, Dr. Woeller will discuss various medications throughout this course, and can answer general questions about his experience with various medications through the Participant Forum.

Who Can Participate In The Autism Mastery Course:

  • q-iconDo I Have to be a Licensed Health Care Practitioner to Participate in This Course?

    No. Anyone with a desire to learn can participate in Dr. Woeller’s Mastery Course. However, only licensed health care practitioners can provide medical or health advice to other people.

  • q-iconDo I Have to Have Some Other Type of Integrative Medicine Training Before I Can Participate?

    No. You do not need to have had prior training in integrative medicine prior to participating in Dr. Woeller’s Mastery Course. You will find that this course provides a good overview of integrative medicine principles.

  • q-iconCan People Outside The United States Participate in This Course?

    Yes, but the course will be taught in English. This course is available worldwide, so long as you have access to a computer, reliable internet connection, and a good understanding of the English language.

  • q-iconAs a Parent Participant in This Course, Can I Expect Dr. Woeller to Treat my Child?

    Dr. Woeller does not provide confidential patient treatments through this course. This is reserved for private consultations through his private practice. For more information you can contact his office at However, Dr. Woeller will answer questions you may have about your child and his/her particular issues through the Participant Forum. This course is designed for health care practitioners, but as a parent seeking assistance, this course can provide you a tremendous amount of information that can be helpful for your particular situation with your child.

Other Questions About The Autism Mastery Course:

  • q-iconDo I Have to Have a License to Practice Integrative Medicine?

    Yes. You need a medical license to practice medicine. However, providing integrative health and nutritional consultations is available through other types of licenses and certifications depending on your particular state or country of residence.

  • q-iconWill There be Tests and/or Examinations Required For This Course?

    Yes. This course will offer examinations for those seeking an Autism Mastery “Certificate of Completion.” Anyone can still participate in the course and learn the material without taking the exams, but they will not receive this certificate without taking and passing the examinations. There are 4 quarterly exams and to receive the certificate an 80% cumulative score from all 4 exams must be obtained.

  • q-iconHow do I Get in Touch With Dr. Woeller if I Have Questions?

     Dr. Woeller is available for questions through the weekly, live Q&A sessions, as well as via the Participant Forum. You can post questions to the general forum or privately to Dr. Woeller.  Dr. Woeller monitors the forum frequently and responds to questions in a timely fashion.

  • q-iconAre Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Education Units (CEU) Credits Available For This Course?

    Yes! This course is eligible for 5 CME credits upon completion. It is the responsibility of the student to check with their licensing agency in their state, country or province on CEU/CME requirements and accepted accreditation.

  • q-iconWhat Will I be Able To Do Once I Have Completed The Autism Mastery Course?

    This course will provide you with detailed information about integrative medicine testing such as the Organic Acids Testing from Great Plains Laboratory, as well as practical information regarding various therapies, treatment protocols, troubleshooting difficult cases, and much more. As a health care practitioner you will be able to take this information and apply it in your practice with patients and clients. As a parent, you will be able to take the same information and work with your personal health care provider in ways to help your loved one.

  • q-iconWhat Happens If I Miss a Live Presentation or Q&A Webinar?

    Each webinar and Q&A session will be recorded and posted on the site, usually within 24 hours. Therefore, you will never be without that week’s recorded information. However, attendance of the webinars is critical so that you can interact with the class and pose questions as necessary.

  • q-iconDo You Provide Lecture Material & Other Patient/Client Forms That Can Be Used in Practice?

    Yes. Lecture slides, course material, including office form templates, protocol examples, patient handouts, etc. are offered through this course.

  • q-iconHow Can I Incorporate This Material Into My Medical Practice?

    The benefit of this course is your improved knowledge regarding integrative medicine for ASD. This will immediately make it easier for you to identify those patients or clients who may benefit from this type of approach, and also allow you to assess their needs more efficiently.  The course material provided will help you streamline office systems for laboratory testing, interpretation, and treatment protocols.

Questions About Cost & Payment Options:

  • q-iconWhat is The Tuition for The Autism Mastery Course?

    Tuition for the entire 4 month (16 week) program is $3,470. There is a greatly reduced “Early Bird” rate, plus a 3 pay option, where you can break the amount into 3 payments.

  • q-iconWhat Forms of Payment Are Available?

    We accept Visa & Master Card, as well as Paypal. No cash or checks are accepted. Payment is made through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to use Paypal.  You may use your credit card.

Questions About Dr. Woeller:

  • q-iconWhat is Dr. Woeller’s Medical Training and Background in Integrative Medicine?

    Dr. Woeller is a licensed and practicing physician in Bend, Oregon. He obtained his osteopathic medical degree in 1995 from the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine. He did his postgraduate internship medical training in Mesa, Arizona before relocating to San Diego to start private practice. His training in integrative medicine began in medical school being exposed to natural medicine which is the cornerstone of osteopathic medicine, as well as studying along with his partner Dr. Tracy Tranchitella, a Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Woeller attended his first autism biomedical conference in 1998 in San Diego, California. The conference at the time was called Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Dr. Woeller was one of  the first doctors in the field of biomedical, aka integrative medicine for autism. Dr. Woeller was also an original student of the late Bill Timmins, N.D. who was the founder of BioHealth Diagnostics. In 2011, Drs Woeller and Tranchitella relocated their private practice to Bend, OR.

  • q-iconWhat Other Education Efforts Is Dr. Woeller Involved in?

     Dr. Woeller has been involved in patient and doctor education for over a decade. He got his start lecturing to doctors interested in functional diagnostic and integrative medicine through an laboratory organization called BioHealth Diagnostics. From there, he began speaking to regional and nationwide autism parent groups and at medical conferences. Over the past 8 years, Dr. Woeller has lectured internationally in Canada, China, Mexico and Europe (including the United Kingdom and Poland). He has also been involved with Great Plains Laboratory for over 8 years, providing monthly educational webinars for parents regarding the benefits of integrative medicine for autism-spectrum disorders, as well as health practitioner training seminars on the functional diagnostic testing.

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